Slide About PathoCERT PathoCERT aims to strengthen the coordination capability of first responders in the event that they have to work in places where the risk of contamination via water is high. Within this scope, the project will produce pathogen contamination emergency response technologies, tools and guidelines to be validated by first responders, helping them to detect pathogens quickly and to better control emergencies.

Time Line

September 2020
Project starts

October 2021
Sensing technologies to detect pathogens will be released

December 2021
Sensing technologies for the protection of First Responders

March 2022
PathoSENSE toolkit

April 2022
PathoCERT platform initial version

June 2022
Preparation/setup of pilot sites and preliminary assessment of PathoCERT

April 2023
Societal engagement

February 2023
End of project

PathoCERT Consortium

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