PathoCERT Communities of Practice (CoPs)


A Community of Practice is a multi-stakeholder engagement format that brings together a group of people who share a common concern, a set of problems, or an interest in a topic and who come together to fulfill both individual and group goals. It is a tool to develop, capture, and share knowledge by building on the collective expertise and experiences of its members.

What is the role of Communities of Practice in PathoCERT?

Communities develop their practice through a variety of activities: in PathoCERT, they focus on the gathering and exchange of knowledge including key barriers and challenges, feedback provision, and testing of newly developed technologies, tools and guidelines aiming to support the rapid and safe detection of waterborne pathogens during emergency events and thus enhance first responders’ capacities.


Practice and knowledge are not separate from one another!

Key Stakeholders

The PathoCERT European Community of Practice

To further enhance and disseminate the deriving knowledge from the six local CoPs, a European Community of Practice is also established. Throughout its activities, it gives the means to share knowledge, findings, key learnings and project outputs derived from the local CoPs as well as from the pilot case studies activities.

The PathoCERT European Community of Practice is composed of an array of different representatives of the six local ones and key European stakeholders.

Would you like to know more and get involved?

To get to know more about the PathoCERT local and European CoPs please contact us:

+49 202 459 58 – 10