Sofia Case Study


Case Study Details

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Lead partners: 

The aim of this exercise is to investigate the use of technological tools improve the safety and response capabilities of First Responders (FR) during a flooding incident where the water has been contaminated by waste material. The FR need to assess the contamination spreading and evacuate people on time to avoid exposure to the pathogens.

Heavy rainfall has been falling in Sofia and there has been a report that a small channel in the yard of Gendarmerie is going to flood and a warehouse with waste material may contaminate the flooded region. There is a need for an NDWI (Normalized Difference Water Index) image to be made that will reveal the water levels and at several points the width of the channel has to be also measured as a reference.

The actions of this case study will include from containing the contaminated flooded water to evacuating people on time. The following tools and technologies will be evaluated: PathoSENSE, PathoTHREAT, PathoINVEST, PathoSAT, PatoTWEET, PathoVIEW, PathoIMS, PathoDRONES, PathoWARE.