Register for Enhancing the efficiency of response in civil protection crises event, Feb 15-16

The upcoming STRATEGY’s 1st Interoperability event will be organised in Rome on the 15th of February 2023. The event will focus on the importance of interoperability among stakeholders facing civil protection crises and elaborate on current practices, challenges and research activities towards enhancing the efficiency of response in civil protection crises. Specific attention will be given to the importance/role of (pre) standardization in facilitating disaster management.

The 1st interoperability event will be held back-to-back with the STRATEGY Workshop on Crisis Management and Civil Protection on the 16th of February  at the same venue. The participatory workshop aims to reveal opportunities for further improvement of the prestandardization work delivered by the project across its thematic streams and also investigate possibilities for promoting its further application and exploitation.

Both the events are open to project participants, members of the Advisory Board and the End-User Advisory Board as well as external experts, upon registration.

To find out more info, you can check the full agenda of the Interoperability event here. For the workshop, please click here.